July 16, 2010

View To Northeast From The Geroksruhe Lookout

Schöner Ausblick - Enjoy the view


ramadhani-explore-indonesia said...

nice to see you again.. beautiful shot. well done..

Anonymous said...

That's a great view, Steffen, and may be the right place to be at sunrice and sunset ;-)
Have a nice weekend with your family!

Jacob said...

A wonderful panorama, Steffen! Again, I'm impressed at how large Stuttgart is.

Re "vespertine assignation": No "hard feelings." Your definition is exactly what I thought it was...I mean, "vespers" are held in the evening and I'm familiar with assignations! Thanks, though. I had thought perhaps it had some special meaning that I didn't know about!

Hope you're having a great day!

Hilda said...

Fantastic view!

Halcyon said...

Endlich! Glad you gave us the view too. It was worth the wait. :D

Happy weekend! Keep cool.

Birdman said...

fabulous w/ all those red roofs. Cool.