July 19, 2010

Tram To And From Geroksruhe

Stadtbahn Line U15 in Richtung Heumaden, über Geroksruhe und Fernsehturm.
Tram line U15 with direction to Heumaden via Geroksruhe and TV tower.
Stadtbahn Line U15 in Richtung Charlottenplatz und Hauptbahnhof.
Tram line U15 with direction to Charlottenplatz and main station.

Die Fotos sind Anfang Juli, am frühen Morgen, entstanden. Ich war auf dem Weg zu meinem Garten und wollte unbedingt die noch angenehmen Temperaturen zum Fotografieren nutzen.
The photos are made at the beginning of July in the early morning. I was on the way to my garden and I wanted to use the acceptable temperatures for photography.


ramadhani-explore-indonesia said...

good transportation there, the road is quiet and no congestion. Thanks for share

Bruce Caspersonn said...

That is great. I love trams, they even have their own part of the road, excellent.

Bill said...

You have wonderful trams in Stuttgart. I would love to take a ride up to the Fernsehturm.

Jacob said...

Nice shots, Steffen. I envy you such a wonderful mode of transportation...we have nothing like that here.

Rebecca said...

I really do need to visit Stuttgart sometime.

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

Modern day trams are so lovely.